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Virtual reality (VR) is a way of using computer technology to create a simulated, three-dimensional world that a user can manipulate and explore, while feeling as if he or she were actually in it themselves. By using a headset to immerse the user completely, VR experiences use sight, hearing, touch, and smell to transport users into a truly alternate reality

Real Estate

Virtual reality in real estate (particularly in the luxury market) is a fast-growing trend. When a potential buyer is not able to view an existing property (or one yet to be built), VR lets them experience a guided tour of a home, wherever they happen to be in the world.

For sellers, VR has the huge benefit of being able to stage a virtual “open house. In the real world, many people will turn up at once to view a single house, causing crowding and an unpleasant experience. In VR, thousands of people could all view the same property at once, all in their own time and in complete comfort.


Imagine the ability to give potential customers an up-close look and feel for products, without any physical limitations or the costs or complications that accompany it. Our virtual reality design studio and showroom allows just that.

Sit down in an immersive, distraction-free environment while products materialize in front of your eyes, or get up and walk around to get a tangible sense of their size and shape.


There are certain lifesaving procedures in emergency medicine that physicians rarely get to practice, but must still perform – with accuracy and speed and often in a very tense environment – when called upon to do so.

We build fully immersive educational and social virtual reality experiences based on medical emergencies. These allow health care professionals to practice delicate surgical techniques, and patients to learn how to deal with potentially fraught situations in an immersive, safe environment.



Every movie-goer dreams of stepping through the big screen to experience the worlds of their favorite franchises up close. In fact, no form of entertainment could be more powerful than if a person can completely transport themselves into an alternate reality dreamed up by talented directors and creators.

Virtual reality makes any idea possible, and our team is on hand to bring your entertainment experience to life like never before.

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Video game developers have been renowned for pioneering new experiences in virtual reality over the years, a trend that continues to this day. In a shift as monumental as the transition between 2D and 3D graphics, virtual reality adds a whole new dimension to gaming, letting players experience and interact with strange and fantastical worlds (or realistic and gritty ones if they prefer), at first hand.

Got an idea for a world-beating game? Our team is on hand to bring it to life.

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