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Virtual reality (VR) is a way of using computer technology to create a simulated, three-dimensional world that a user can manipulate and explore, while feeling as if he or she were actually in it themselves. By using a headset to immerse the user completely, VR experiences use sight, hearing, touch, and smell to transport users into a truly alternate reality.

Augmented reality (AR) is a way of overlaying virtual information on top of the real world, primarily viewed through the camera display of a mobile device or wearable technology. Through graphics, sound, and sensory feedback, AR blurs the line between what is real and what is not, by enhancing what we see, hear, feel and smell.

The uses of virtual and augmented reality are diverse and increasingly widespread. Through mobile devices, VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Google Cardboard, everyone from big business, to medical professionals and gamers, to consumers, from soldiers to students, and tourists are utilizing the technology to enhance the way that we all work, live, and play.


Virtual Reality

The possibilities in the virtual world are endless which is why we like to start with a meet, greet and education session on the virtual marketing world. Virtual reality is an upcoming technology that makes users feel in a virtual environment by using computer hardware and software. VR provides a different way to see and experience information, one that is dynamic and immediate. A simulated three dimensional worlds is created around the user in which he/she could interact with objects, people & environments

Augmented Reality

The beauty of seeing objects as they are in their natural environment is what augmented reality achieves in the form of an enhanced image or environment produced by over-laying computer generated images, sounds or other data perceived. AR blends virtual & real elements to create a unique immersive experience and is also the technology of the future whose potential as a game-changer in the digital space has been heralded for years.

Interactive Media Installations

What are Interactive Media Installation?
Apptron uses the latest technologies to transform static physical spaces into dynamic interactive environments. We craft human-scale site-specific digital experiences that tell stories in unique ways, drive face-to-face interaction and create lasting memories.

Mobile Apps & Games

Smartphone apps have now become even smarter, thanks to augmented reality. They’re personalized, interactive travel guides and translators, a key to making shopping trips more fun (virtual clothing, anyone?), and provide new tools for artists to draw, film and create eye-popping visuals… and we’re only just getting started.


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